Wednesday, 17 February 2016

It's personal

Deuteronomy 5:1-3
The Ten Commandments
Moses convened all Israel, and said to them:
Hear, O Israel, the statutes and ordinances that I am addressing to you today; you shall learn them and observe them diligently. The Lord our God made a covenant with us at Horeb. Not with our ancestors did the Lord make this covenant, but with us, who are all of us here alive today.

God speaks not in generalities
but in specifics
Not to a people of the past
But to us inhabitants of today
We are the ones to who God speaks
Of whom God makes demands
To whom God addresses
a universal rule for life.
Love God.
Love each other.

God your covenant is with us. Your law is for life today. Your call is to us. To love. May we hear your call and live your law in our lives today.

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